Caileigh Filmer 

"Make the impossible possible, and always smile.”  - Caileigh Filmer

 Name: Caileigh Filmer

Nickname: Cail

D.O.B.: Dec 18, 1996

Birth city and state: Victoria, BC

Current City: Victoria, BC

Height: 171

Specialty: TT, Track cycling

Previous sports: Rowing, Swimming

Years racing: 1

Colleges attended: UC Berkeley, University of Victoria

Degree: BSc still in progress

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Favorite Zwift World: Watopia

Favorite Zwift Route: Road to Ruins

Zwift level: 14

Career Highlights

 •  2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist (rowing)

 •  2018 World Champion (rowing)

 •  2017 U23 World Champion (rowing)

 •  2016 Olympics 5th place (rowing) 

 •  2014 Youth Olympic Bronze Medalist (rowing)

 •  2021 Canadian National Road Cycling Championships Elite ITT 5th

 •  2022 Canadian National Road Cycling Championships Elite ITT 6th

Get to know Caileigh! 

Caileigh joins VBR T24 as a development cyclist in her second year of racing bikes. Although she is still new to racing bikes, she is no stranger to performing under pressure and has an immense background of racing on the world stage. She is an Olympic bronze medalist, two-time Olympian, and World Champion for the sport of rowing, and also raced on the junior national team for swimming when she was twelve. 

Caileigh now brings these skills and knowledge she has for being able to be one of the best athletes in the World to her cycling and teammates. She is excited to see where her cycling career can go next with the support from VBR T24, as she dials in her focus for time-trailing. 

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know: 

I have a twin sister who is doing amazing work in a male-dominated environment, as a civil engineer, who helped to design wheel-chair accessible bike paths among many other projects.

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