Rukhsar Habibzai

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" - Theodore Roosevelt

No matter how successful she becomes or how much she grows. She stays humble and kind.

Name: Rukhsar Habibzai

Nickname: Rukhi 

D.O.B.: March 21, 1998

Birth city and state:  Ghazni Province, Afghanistan

Nationality: Afghan

Current City: 

Height: 164cm

Previous sports: Basketball

Years racing: 10

Colleges attended: College of Dentistry, Afghanistan - on going

Degree: BS

Zwift Level: 

Favorite Zwift Course: TBD

Rukhsar Habibzai born in 1998 in Ghazni province, Afghanistan

Miss Habibzai completed her schooling in the year 2015 at the local school Fatima al Zahra in the Ghazni province. She has been in love with riding the bike since she was just a little girl. As a child, she used to dream of a day when girls too could ride bicycles in the beautiful streets of her country without the fear of any physical and emotional abuse; a day, where girls too could pursue the careers of their choice rather than marrying into the trivial jobs forced upon them by the male-dominated society. 

In the year 2012 she joined a local cycling team with same dream. With unshakable perseverance and commitment to her dream, Miss Habibzai became a valuable member of the National cycling team of Afghanistan in the year 2014. Before long, she secured the first position among 30 participants in a cycling competition held in 2016 at the distance of Kabul to Paghaman city -- marking her second participation as a national cyclist where she received 3 certificates of achievement and a Medal accompanied by a certificate of appreciation for her hard work from the Ministry of foreign affairs. Moreover, she participated in many competitions held in the years 2017 and 2018 at the distances of Kabul to Paghman, Mazar-e-Sharif to Hairatan, and Bamyan to Mazar-e-Sharif and succeeded in securing ranks from 1st to 3rd among the team. Miss Rukhsar and her teammates were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2016 by receiving 118 positive votes from Italian parliament due to their unstoppable endeavors for the women rights and for succeeding in becoming/setting an example for the rest of the women of the world to fight against oppression against women. 

Miss Rukhsar has inspired many girls to take a stand for their rights; she continues to do so to this day. Her industriousness, vibrant nature and warrior-spirit with open thinking has helped her find her true place in her personal life and society. She has also participated in many conferences both national and international where she always used her seat for the voice of her peers and to draw attention to the issue of Violence Against Women. Besides being a successful sportswoman, she studies dentistry at Cheragh Medical University to become a more useful asset to the community. 

One of her great ambitions is and I quote: ‘I want our government to support the presence of women in sports so we can participate in the World Champion Ship and bring Gold home and show case the physical and mental strength of an Afghan woman to Afghanistan and to the whole world. I want to show to tell them that a woman is not weak, and that success can be achieved by any gender’.

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