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Kenda Tires

Kenda is along for the ride!

What moves you? The thrill of offroad adventure? The adrenaline rush of competition? On the road, on the trail or on the racetrack, you can count on Kenda quality. Our tires are engineered for performance and value across a wide range of interests and applications. So choose a category and see why Kenda is the right choice. It’s your move. 

“We love working with such a dynamic group of women.  With the inclusion of Gravel Racing for 2021, it gives us a chance to learn from their experiences and add to our lineup.  All this, while still focusing on the Olympics in 2024!” - Aaron Stevenson, Kenda marketing manager. 

What We Ride

Valkyrie PRO TLR

Our Race Tire
The Valkyrie is Kenda’s high performance road tire - fast, reliable and light. It offers excellent rolling resistance, superior wet and dry grip and great puncture resistance.
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Kriterium Endurance

Our Training Tire
This versatile tire can do it all, from training to racing. With Endurance Two (E2), it offers reliable performance with an extra portion of flat resistance.
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Alluvium Pro + Flintridge Pro

Our Gravel Tires
The Kenda Alluvium Pro is an all-new gravel and adventure tire that is as capable on pavement as it is on hard conditions single track trails. A tread design optimized for speed and grip. 

"I've been riding the Alluvium 40s in Bend, OR since February. They're great because I do a mix of road, where they're fast rolling, and also some pretty sandy riding, where they have great traction and keep me floating on the surface. I'm actually kind of bummed I haven't flatted them yet because I need to practice plugging my tires for Unbound. Let's hope this luck continues when I get to Kansas!" - Jen Luebke

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