Laurel Quinones

" Mind over matter"

Name: Laurel Quinones

Nickname: Quinoa

Birth city and state: San Francisco, CA

Current City: New York, NY

Nationality: American

Height: 5'8"

Specialty: Time Trials

Previous sports: Rowing

Years racing: 2

Colleges attended: Columbia University

Degree: MS Mechanical Engineering, BS Applied Math

Zwift Level: 35

Favorite Zwift Course: Tour of Fire and Ice

Career Highlights

 •  3rd Individual Time Trial Redlands Classic 2023 

 •  6th Stage 2 Redlands Classic 2023

 •  4th GC Redlands Classic 2023

 •  Green Mountain Stage Race 2022 GC 1st place (1st place stages 1 & 3)

 •  2022 NY State Road Race Champion at Bear Mountain Classic 

 •  1st place 2022 Grant's Tomb NY State Criterium Championships

 •  Killington Stage Race 2022 GC 1st place

Get to know Laurel! 

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Laurel has always led an active and competitive life. She grew up playing as many sports as possible and loved hiking and backpacking on the weekends and over the summer. By high school, Laurel fully committed to rowing, and ended up rowing Division I at Columbia for all four years of college. After graduating, she switched to cycling as a physical and competitive outlet and quickly found success in the sport. Now, she lives and trains in New York City while working in data analytics.  Off the bike, Laurel enjoys walking around New York, baking, and drawing. She also likes visiting California to see her family and her dog. 

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know 

I have two younger sisters and I'm left handed. 

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